Quick Bytes: I Object: How to Minimize and Overcome Objections

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Zoom Call, Details will be emailed prior to meeting


Join Mark Altman, founder of MindSetGo, will present a 30-minute call to help you improve your practice. This month's topic is: 

I Object: How to Minimize and Overcome Objections


Key decision makers can be hesitant, resistant, or even apathetic. Learn how to respond to an objection and how to address it so your answer becomes the reason for moving forward. Participants will learn how to use questions to handle the most often used stalls and objections heard from prospects. By using questions to bring up concerns and expectations before the prospect has a chance to, you remove the roadblocks and streamline the process, building rapport as a thoughtful sales professional as you do so.  


  • Use the “Objection Autopsy” to comfortably and confidently address the primary objections, and separate objections from conditions 
  • Identify root causes of objections and stalls  
  • Deal with objections in a conversational, non-adversarial way 
  • Assess and improve your current responses to stalls, like "Call me back next month, "Not interested/No need", "Have a supplier/Under contract" "Too busy", "Send me your information" etc.  

This 30-minute call is designed for the NAIFA member who is constantly on the move and has a tight, busy schedule. This FREE call is offered collectively by the states to members and delivered by Mark Altman who has a reputation for elevating success and growth in practices.

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